4 Reasons Unisolv Improves Retail Pharmacy Operations of Any Scale

As occasional primary providers in the South African healthcare environment, community pharmacies face an industry of narrow margins and seemingly fickle consumer behaviours. This already competitive market is made more so by rising consumer expectations brought about by the advent of the internet and the convenience of ecommerce.

These are not problems unique to the pharmacist, and across the spectrum of retail markets digital solutions are being turned to as a response to the problems of the digital age.

Unisolv, developed specifically for the South African healthcare market by UCS Technology Services (UCS TS), is the leading solution for local pharmacists, both large and small.

Among the advantages offered by this solution are:

It Simplifies South African Healthcare

Due to the number of medical aids, the intricate rules and regulations, and our wildly diverse social contexts, South Africa presents a particularly difficult healthcare environment for the retail pharmacist to navigate.

The Unisolv dispensing software system is informed by the UCS TS data bureau which manages over 36,000 drug prices and more than 5,000 medical aid contracts. The Data Bureau provides the current DOH pricing for easy upload into Unisolv, avoiding confusion and ensuring convenience for the consumer as well as the pharmacist. 

Data collation, interpretation and management powers the Unisolv solution and empowers the retail pharmacist to make quick, informed decisions.

To find out more about the UCS TS data bureau and the functionalities it gives to the Unisolv system, contact UCS TS.

It is Flexible, Integrated and Scalable

Whether you’re a small pharmacist managing a single store with limited staff and resources, or a large corporate contending with the challenges of managing multiple operations, Unisolv is a scalable solution that can be applied with equal efficiency to either environment.

Unisolv’s stock and PoS management ensures accuracy in stock maintenance, and its adaptable functionality easily integrates with third party solutions, allowing it to be rolled out across multiple stores, creating a comprehensive and ever-updating database of customer, stock and pricing information.

It’s the Industry Standard

Unisolv is the dispensing software of choice for more than 65% of private pharmacies in South Africa and over 70% of all medical claims-related transactions in the country are processed on a Unisolv system.

Combine the above with the fact that all pharmacists in the country have trained with the Unisolv software in university, and it quickly becomes clear that UCS TS have set the benchmark for dispensing software in South Africa. Employing the Unisolv solution not only means more efficient operations and better on-the-spot decision-making, but also less time spent familiarising staff with your retail management software.

It’s Backed by Strong Support Services

With a 24/7 national call centre, over 200 technicians across 7 provinces and project management services for the implementation of our solutions, the support structure provided by UCS TS is one of the strongest selling points of the Unisolv solution.

While our software is reliable, easy to use and comes with access to rich training and technical materials, we believe in providing the most comprehensive end-to-end service we can. That’s why a dedicated helpdesk is only a phone call away from assisting our clients with any queries they may have.

If you want to know more about the Unisolv software solution for pharmacies, or any of the retail solutions pertaining to the other verticals served by UCS TS, do not hesitate to contact us today.