5 Benefits of using UCS Technology Services as PoS Solutions Provider

At UCS Technology Services (UCS TS), we see point of sale (PoS) systems as being more than just a way to facilitate financial transactions. To us, a PoS system is an integral part of a wider retail solution aimed at optimising the consumer experience, streamlining stock management, unifying all consumer contact points and enhancing profits in the ultra-competitive environment of modern retail.

To this end, our product and service offering is 100% geared towards helping you to optimise your retail business, and there are a number of factors that play a part in seeing to it that we succeed in this goal.              

1. Experienced Understanding of Retail in Southern Africa

The wealth of experience that UCS TS possesses when it comes to dealing within the Southern African retail space is refined and enriched by the close attention we pay to international retail trends and best practices.

We understand the environments in which our customers operate. We develop the most advanced and comprehensive systems to operate within those environments, and the nature of these systems means that data collection, collation and interpretation is second nature to us.

Integrating our PoS devices into the wider network of our Business Intelligence Services allows us to offer you better and faster decision-making capabilities for a more agile and responsive retail operation.

2. In-House Technical Expertise

We develop our own software in-house and we maintain strategic partnerships with leading software companies.

There are no middlemen when you deal with UCS TS and we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our approach. We will provide you with the installation and training necessary for you and your staff to immediately begin implementing our innovative and intuitive systems.

This is complemented by strong support services and dedicated, passionate staff that will ensure your system keeps running efficiently and profitably.

3. Comprehensive Retail Management Solutions

There is more to our service offering than our PoS systems – although they are central components of our retail solutions.

Our Business Intelligence Division is dedicated to providing technological answers to the retail business requirements of our customers.

As masters of big data, we understand the value that comes from a 360° view of an organisation. As proponents of the Internet of Things, we appreciate the importance of connecting devices, products and people across your business. And, as developers of mobile applications, we provide our customers with a digital edge over the competition.

4. Trusted and Proven Solutions

A good reputation doesn’t lie.

If UCS TS weren’t one of the foremost retail service providets in Southern Africa, we wouldn’t:

  1. Be used by more than 2,500 store owners;
  2. Have been the trusted provider to the local fashion industry for more than 20 years;
  3. Be the service provider of choice for over 65% of Southern African retail pharmacies; and
  4. Provide the “Tank to Bank” solution of choice for most independent and all global fuel retailers operating in Southern Africa.

Our innovative solutions continue to prove themselves adaptable to the needs of the market, and have upheld our position at the forefront of the industry.

5. Customer-Centric Approach

Finally, what we consider to be the most important benefit of working with UCS TS is our commitment to meeting the needs of the markets we serve.

Our secret to staying abreast of the trends, trials and tribulations in Southern African retail is a simple one: we work closely alongside our customers.

Everything we do centres around your retail operation and the customer base that you cater to. We want to understand your retail business. We want to understand what you need. What your challenges are.

Most of all, we want to know how we can help.

So, get in touch and let us know.