Helix-Rx for pharmacies’ Digital script printing

On 20 August 2010, the People’s Choice Pharmacy opened its doors in Kokstad, KwaZulu Natal. To celebrate their fifth anniversary in 2015, the pharmacy started a Fun Run in the area to promote a healthy lifestyle for all their loyal and potential customers. The Fun Run is now an annual event and took place this year on 3 September, with all proceeds being donated to TLC Hospice in Kokstad.

Now 6 years into their health journey with UCS TS, the pharmacy team of 12 are serving this East Griqualand community a taste of modern medicine with their recent acquisition of the HelixRx system.

The reason for moving to the Helix system was simple – to get rid of all the paper! The first pharmacy to acquire the system in the area, People’s Choice reports that the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive: customers are quite taken with the new paperless procedure, with “wow!” being heard quite frequently.  And having to call up a year’s worth of transactions for a customer last week was an effortless task completed within minutes.

Helix has made operations much easier and has removed the need for tedious manual checking of orders as well, reports Lia Sineke, managing director of the pharmacy. “We are really looking forward to not having to store boxes and boxes of paper anymore!”

The People’s Choice Pharmacy can be found at the Pick n Pay Centre, Groom St and can be contacted on 039 727 2307.