How can WinBranch monitor their forecourt sales and operations?

Easy reconciliation of the PoS to the bank, ensuring that all fuel transactions are accounted for, and being able to easily identify the source of any variances are key to operations on any fuel retail site. The WinBranch point of sale allows for quick and simple parameter set-ups for the forecourt, and helps increase the security around forecourt functions through using supervisor and manager passwords.

Some of WinBranch’s top pump and attendant security features include:

#1 Maximum Transactions per Tag: this value sets the limit to the number of times an attendant can fuel before settling transactions with the cashier to increase security around forecourt transactions. Setting this value to zero permits an unlimited number of refuels before settling transactions, and is not recommended.

#2 No. of Decimals for Attendant Issues: this option lets you specify the decimal rounding on any payment issues for which the attendants are held responsible. Attendant’s codes can also be included in day end reporting of issues, allowing a quick view of the total rand value of the issues and to whom they are allocated.

#3 Print Pump Reading, Fuel Sales and Other Sales by Attendant on X-Read: the X-read report can reflect detailed information per pump and per attendant. This in-depth performance view at day end helps fuel retailers identify baselines specific to operations, so deviance from this norm is easily spotted.

#4 Print Slips in "Night Scan" Mode: WinBranch permits a Night Scan mode where there is no operational cashier on shift. Fuel transactions are processed automatically by the system, and this option enables the system to automatically print slips as well. The system can be put into a Pre-Pay mode where the total amount paid is displayed on screen.  

#5 Tank Displays: The system can display graphic tank (volume) levels on the PoS, providing a visual indication of the current remaining fuel volume in the tank(s). WinBranch also allows setting of a ‘Capture Dips at Shift End’ reminder to help ensure that manual fuel level checks take place.   

#6 Stop Pump Authorisation on Over-Limit and Blocked Accounts: This additional control feature links to the parameters set up in the Stock Module. Checking this alerts staff to customers with bad debt, and prevents over-limit and blocked accounts from fuelling.

Pump attendants and fuel pumps represent the two major areas of activity on the forecourt, and automation of forecourt activity is a convenient and economical time-saver for fuel retailers. A point of sales that is specialised to the very specific fuel retail environment allows for extra security, clear visibility around forecourt and fuelling activities, and setting the system up around the daily processes of the fuel retail site.

About UCS TS Fuel Division

Tank to Bank’s expert solution and support infrastructure covers all aspects of the forecourt and fuel retailing in South Africa, and provides service wherever fuel retailers are situated.

UCS TS have provided the WinBranch point of sale solution for over 20 years, and are the largest reseller for Wincor Nixdorf NAMOS point of sale solution; backing these up with a deep understanding of the retail requirements for the convenience store. UCS TS provide forecourt management and solutions for most fuel retailers and are the certified resellers of Wayne Pumps for Africa.  They are specialists in the automation requirements of the Forecourt, as well as providing environmental management and site management solutions.

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