How Dolfin Merchandising and Dolfin POS manage retail better

Retail is undergoing a massive transformation thanks to the powerful rise of online shopping. Meeting the needs of today’s customer calls for a keen understanding of what they want, as well as the agility to provide wares in the way they want it: fashion is an especially fast-moving industry, and technology needs to keep up. Agile merchandising and point of sale systems play a pivotal role in ensuring retailers can deliver the goods.

The top 10 ways Dolfin Merchandising and Dolfin PoS help retailers meet their customers’ needs:

  1. Dolfin Merchandising’s admin and ordering modules allow for elemental planning, making provision for seasons, calendars, and financial calendars, and providing retailers with a complete set of high-quality data in near real-time.
  2. Retailers can run specialised planning software alongside Dolfin’s BI: the system offers integration to many of the well-established planning systems currently available.  Outputs of these systems can be fed into Dolfin to automate the post-planning processes.
  3. Management of the ordering process is made easy: Dolfin allows for the creation of workflows against certain defined system processes, as well as providing for the monitoring of these workflows to help retailers ensure that the right goods are requisitioned.
  4. Inventory can be specified in intricate detail: parameters for colour palettes, fabric, pattern, style, colour and unique attributes are all available, so sales can be accurately tied back to inventory, and detecting of trends is simplified.
  5. Store profiling , IBTs, and distribution of stock are all well supported, with scheduled replenishments as well as managed replenishments helping retailers move stock more accurately to lower costs and increase profits.
  6. Pop up stores, online stores, and pick up points can be created easily within Dolfin, allowing retailers to extend their presence and customer service offering quickly and decisively.
  7. Dolfin PoS provides effortless transacting at the point of sale, supporting various methods of tender as well as integration to loyalty and mobile payment providers to make payments easier for customers. 
  8. Analysing customer spend, tracking exceptions, and keeping an eye on gross profits are all enabled through comprehensive reports and back office dashboard views of the business.
  9. Dolfin Live reporting comprehensively covers the business risk areas, stock and cash, and provides key information around sales, refunds, stock movement, as well as checks and balances around cash-ups.
  10. Sales can be tracked per day, per store, and also per custom defined reporting period so retailers can always keep their finger on the pulse of their business.

The Dolfin Merchandising and PoS systems work hand-in-hand to enhance efficiencies and controls across the retail business. With a proven track record of stability and reliability, Dolfin flexes to accommodate retailer’s requirements: adding stores, changing store types, or altering the business’s configuration are all simply and effectively supported. 

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