How Our Business Information Services Improve Retail Pharmacies’ Services

UCS Technology Services (UCS TS) are committed to the philosophy that access to accurate and meticulously accumulated information is the key to meeting customer needs, improving customer experiences and, ultimately, excelling in the retail environment.

That is the reason behind the existence of our Business Information Services (BIS) division – the leading developer of mobile apps serving the South African retailer.

Many of our clients operate in the healthcare sector, and our BIS division has developed a comprehensive range of scalable mobile solutions  catering specifically for the unique challenges faced by South African retail pharmacists – whether independents or large corporate chains.

Our mobile HelixHealth application suite comprises a range of integrated solutions designed specifically for the South African retail pharmacist, and is supported by off-site, digital storage of data and documentation in the HelixCloud.

Helix’s applications integrate into the wider Unisolv dispensing solution, and include:

HelixRX – Serve Your Customers Better

Offering a digital script solution that links to and recalls pertinent patient data, HelixRX gives pharmacists a paperless process allowing for digital scripts to be retrieved on-demand, and reviewed or audited at a moment’s notice.

Integrated dispensing allows for efficient, high-quality services to be paired with a customer-centric focus: digital script capture, sign-off, and storage allows for rapid turnaround times, and enables pharmacists’ serving more patients more accurately and more efficiently.

HelixDoc – Simplify Your Dispensing Process

HelixDoc simplifies the process of dispensing medicine by scanning and digitizing the original script as produced by the doctor, and making it instantly and legibly available and verifiable at the pharmacy dispensing point.

Digital managing and storing of documentation in the Helix Cloud gives the pharmacist far more flexibility, accuracy, and reliability with respect to maintaining, updating, and accessing patient histories, past prescriptions, as well as other relevant healthcare details.

HelixClinic – Speed Up Administrative Tasks

HelixClinic was developed to meet the growing needs for pharmacies to play a greater part as a primary healthcare provider to the average South African patient.

Allowing for clear and immediate collaboration between the dispensary and the clinic as well as other healthcare providers utilising the Helix applications, HelixClinic speeds up the process of administrative tasks, and helps streamline health management and patient engagement to create a better experience for the customer. Fast and uncomplicated, Helix Clinic’s interactive and intuitive workflows and graphs enables providing efficient and competent services: freeing up time for pharmacists and key personnel drives improved prioritising and executing of tasks in busy retail pharmacies.

HelixConnect and MyHelix – Mobile Health

HelixConnect is a digital communications component that is integrated into loyalty apps for eCommerce, and offers access to an “endless mall” for a seamless patient-healthcare experience.

Within HelixConnect is MyHelix, the patient-facing application that enables simple communication between patients and their pharmacies and healthcare providers. Patients can order repeatable chronic scripts or place acute script orders, as well as being able to access patient information leaflets relevant to their conditions and medications.

The HelixHealth application suite equips South African pharmacists to smooth management of their retail pharmacies, and enables better alignment of business needs with the healthcare needs of their customers, and simplifies compliance with the industry’s regulations.

Contact UCS TS for Business Information solutions developed for you, the South African retail pharmacist.