How the WinBranch POS keeps the c-store profitable for fuel retailers

Convenience is king for many South Africans, making the fuel station’s c-store the provider of choice for busy shoppers. And as the convenience store is where much of the fuel retail station’s profits are made, great customer service is essential to making a sale and creating a return customer.

A purpose-built and specialised point of sale like WinBranch can make all the difference to your c-store’s service delivery.

  1. Sell what your customers want: detailed sales reports help fuel retailers to spot best-sellers quickly. Sales trend analysis provides input into minimum and maximum holding, so fuel station retailers can ensure sought-after items are always available.
  2. WinBranch’s POS also offers the ability to generate reporting over specific time and date periods allowing for more accurate ordering and store staffing, as well as indicating the times at which promotions will provide the most boost to c-store sales.
  3. Quick creation and deletion of stock items makes testing sales of new products simple. The POS keyboard can be edited to add high-selling items and PLU items for fast ringing up at the till. Items with a selling price that is entered at the till are controlled through the entry of department passwords, entering the price, and confirming the price.
  4. Prevention of scanning or entering product codes into fields reduces erroneous transactions and speeds up service at the retail check out. The user interface displays only relevant items, further reducing the potential for mistakes.
  5. The WinBranch POS integrates to EFT, Virtual Vouchers for airtime and electricity for added value sales, and also allows for loyalty earnings and redemption: the POS can be set to automatically remind cashiers when or whether the sale is a loyalty card transaction.
  6. Retailers can create relevant messages on their pole displays to promote customer awareness of participation in loyalty programmes, or drive in-store promotions to beef up sales.
  7. Payments are accepted in cash, from mobile, and also on account, and all the business centres of the fuel retail station can be consolidated at one pay point for increased transactions convenience.
  8. The POS promotes fast and secure transacting, and supports tracking of cash and other tenders for easy reconciliations of the PoS to the bank.

Convenience stores operate with minimal staff, so making the most of the functionality and speed the point of sale offers is critical to servicing customers. WinBranch’s POS provides an easy-to-use, feature-rich solution for fuel retailers to control, monitor and grow their c-store operations with ease.

About UCS TS Fuel Division

Tank to Bank’s expert solution and support infrastructure covers all aspects of the forecourt and fuel retailing in South Africa, and provides service wherever fuel retailers are situated.

UCS TS have provided the WinBranch point of sale solution for over 20 years, and are the largest reseller for Wincor Nixdorf NAMOS point of sale solution; backing these up with a deep understanding of the retail requirements for the convenience store. UCS TS provide forecourt management and solutions for most fuel retailers and are the certified resellers of Wayne Pumps for Africa.  They are specialists in the automation requirements of the Forecourt, as well as providing environmental management and site management solutions.

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