Launching Helix-Rx Digital Script Management

UCS Technology Services, the leading provider of solutions and services to the South African retail pharmacy industry, announced the launch of Helix-Rx, a core component of their mobile application suite, Helix, to the market. The Helix-Rx application will provide pharmacies with an easy-to-use digital healthcare platform for the management and storage of scripts.

In the current Healthcare market, Pharmacies provide a printed dispensing document for all patients to sign off: this displays the medicine provided, their medical aid details, whether a levy is due and other pertinent information. Once pharmacists conclude the sale, they file the signed document for their records and provide the patient with a copy.Helix-Rx produces a digital copy of the computer generated copy script at the dispensary, allowing digital patient sign-off and enabling save, recall and distribution of saved documents. Signed scripts are easily extracted from the UCS TS Helix cloud solution for medical aid audits and simple sharing of information. The app allows Patients to receive an electronic copy for retention or submission to medical aid for reimbursement.

The benefits of this application are significant for the Pharmacist - the return on investment for printing and consumables savings alone presents a good business case. “We are always looking for ways to help our pharmacies save money and help provide top service to their patients,” explained Christiaan Stavast, Pharmacy vertical head at UCS TS.

Helix-Rx is the first application in the Helix suite of products released to market: future Helix application releases will include groundbreaking offerings that address areas such as chronic repeat management, patient engagement platform and patient mobility application. “The Helix application suite consists of simple modular solutions to manage digital dispensing (Helix-Rx), doctor script verification, document management, chronic medication management, and also offers a digital marketing platform to unlock advertising revenue for the pharmacy,” states Christiaan Stavast. “We believe the Helix application suite will provide a win-win for both the pharmacist and the patient.”

Helix provides a cloud-based solution that offers easy access to information for patients, pharmacists and doctors. Working across private and public healthcare, Helix’s flexibility also provides professionals monitoring information in the healthcare environment with accurate industry data. The Helix suite of solutions, together with Helix-Rx, will combine seamlessly to address and enhance the overall user and patient experience, and propel retail pharmacy into the digital era.

UCS Technology Services Pharmacy and healthcare division

UCS Technology Services is the leading solutions provider to the retail pharmacy and healthcare vertical in South Africa. Unisolv is the dispensing solution for 65% of private pharmacies, and the UCS TS Data Bureau provides the management of over 35 000 drug prices, and over 5 000 medical aid contracts for the pharmacy industry. UCS TS offers comprehensive specialist support services; and provides business intelligence, Dolfin DC for warehousing, Dolfin business management and Dolfin Point of Sale for managing the retail and supply chain.

About UCS Technology Services

UCS Technology Services is a leading provider of innovative point of sale and retail solutions with specialised services to retailers. UCS Technology Services has over 25 years of experience in retail: our company supports over 16 000 retail stores. We employ over 790 people in South Africa and Botswana, and are a level 3 BBBEE Organisation.
The UCS Technology Services team is part of Business Connexion (BCX) Group, South Africa’s largest provider of information and communications technology services.

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