Launching Totem Management Solution for Fuel Retail

Contributions from Chief Technical Designer, Gerrard Cottrell, and Head Developer, Marius Els, on the new UCS TS forecourt controller and environmental management solution, Totem.


Why is a forecourt controller so important for the fuel retailer or homebase?

  • For any business to succeed, stock control and financial control are key. A forecourt controller affords you control over your wet stock, giving you the edge over the competition.
  • Forecourt controllers also give you analytical tools to identify trends and help pinpoint where improvements can be made to drive your business towards success.


What key business challenges are addressed by the forecourt controller?

  • Control and reporting: Knowing exactly how much you fuel when you fuel allows you to optimally order stock, which dynamically helps your financial bottom line.
  • Environmental awareness: Detecting a leaking tank is critical, and early discovery helps to minimise the environmental impact in such an event.
  • Criminal Deterrent: Manages risk of fraud, and enables theft detection and prevention.


What puts Totem ahead of the available industry forecourt controllers and environment management solutions?

  • Totem has been developed with a CAN bus making it very resilient. The ensured total uptime and built-in redundancy offers our customers managed risk and revenue protection.
  • Totem is cloud-based making it possible to provide remote maintenance and remote monitoring, which offers a reduction in support costs and speed to fix - crucial for any fuel retail business.
  • IoT connects to everything: Totem provides a total site management offering through connecting to all the devices across the entire site. Alarms are managed, and corrective action can be taken before the event occurs.
  • Risk management through thresholds monitoring is a key advantage - monitoring the tank levels and triggering a workflow to order fuel at specific thresholds are a prime example of what Totem delivers.
  • Totem is the most cost -effective forecourt controller on the market today. As the system combines environmental management with the forecourt controller and is also cloud-based, Totem provides a total solution at a very competitive rate to the African market.


UCS TS are launching Totem this October - the solution has been in pilot for 2016 and has been through stress testing at a number of sites. Should you be interested in finding out more please contact