Ultisales technology improves retail operations

Most independent retailers adopt a PoS to put better cash, stock, and process controls in place.  The best point of sale for your business, however, is one that also helps you in both meeting customers’ needs, and influencing their levels of satisfaction.

The top 5 ways UltiSales helps to improve store operations and your customer’s experience:

#1 Inventory: Retailers can offer their customers a very broad range of products and services thanks to the comprehensive inventory management features.  Standard inventory classification, barcode generation, inventory transfers, kit assembly, serial number assignment, and inventory matrix are all supported by UltiSales.

#2 Reporting: Top X reporting helps retailers to quickly identify best sellers, which can be presented by quantity, by turnover, and also by gross profit value. Retailers can set up system alerts for ordering or cancelling additional shipments of these items, which helps reduce costs at the inventory level, while ensuring customers can still purchase the products they need.

#3  Speed: UltiSales is very quick to operate, making it ideal for use on the sales floor and in front of customers. The system provides a real-time stock on hand number per item, so sales staff know exactly what’s available and what’s on order to place orders for customers and generate accurate quotes.  UltiSales’ input screens all work in a similar way across orders, sales, and goods receiving, facilitating quicker look ups on the sales floor. 

#4 Structure: The store operations can be divided into departments and sub-departments to suit the business. The revenue per department/ per sales representative reports help independent retailers understand operations across every area of the sales floor, and assist with commissions management. UltiSales’ reports can also indicate which sales employees sell which particular items best, as when those items sell best: retailers can staff their store effectively by placing sufficient sales employees in departments where they can create the most impact for the business and for customers.

#5  Accurate transacting: UltiSales supports all of the commonly available PoS peripherals like cash drawers and barcode scanners for improved security and precision at the till. The system accepts multiple tender types including gift vouchers, and can also be configured to accept different currencies. Retailers can easily enable sought-after transactions capability like lay bys and value-added sales, as well as offering their customers loyalty. Customised discounts can be set up and applied for groups like contractors and pensioners.

UltiSales is the PoS system of choice for over 2 500 independent retailers’ across Southern Africa who trust it to help them manage their stores effectively, as well as improve their services to customers. Quick to deploy and simple to use, UltiSales is easily configured to suit all sorts of retail operations, with building and speciality stores as well as hair and beauty salons being  just some of the businesses that currently benefit from its versatility.

About UltiSales

UltiSales’ proven track record over 30 years throughout Southern Africa is supplemented by ongoing development configured to retailers’ needs. UltiSales is an industry leading retail management and point of sale solution that supports retailers, from single-user stations through to large multi-lane installations.  UltiSales is developed by UCS Technology Services and sold and supported through their Channel partners.

For more information please send an email to sales@ucsts.com