Unisolv is purpose-built pharmacy solution that supports both the dispensing and the retail front shop

Quick and accurate transacting at the point of sales is appreciated throughout the retail industry and perhaps nowhere as much as by patients in the retail pharmacy in winter. Pharmacies process many different transactions: from medicines to which levies must be added, front shop sales unrelated to the dispensary, through to receiving lay-by instalments, the pharmacy PoS must handle it all. Unisolv ably handles the different variables that apply to the many products and services offered by the retail pharmacy.

Pharmacy cashiers can scan barcoded items or type in a stock code to ring up the sale, or scan a dispensary barcode to ring up a levy. Linking the invoicing module to the stock module allows searching for products by typing in the first few letters of the product name, calling up a display list of possible matches from which to choose. Where pharmacy dispensaries don’t print barcodes, typing in 101 at the point of sales allows cashiers to manually input any outstanding amounts for the drugs dispensed. Linking the invoicing module to the pharmacy program causes the system to prompt for the entry of an Rx number: the levy amount will then automatically be added.

Unisolv supports payments by cash, cheques, credit cards, and vouchers, and the precise capturing of these payment methods for more accurate transactions process. COD sales remain popular, and Unisolv handles these by creating a temporary account to record the sale, and enable delivery of the goods, and accurate payment capture (including any change dispensed) at a later stage for a zero account balance. Lay-by sales are treated as an account allowing for capture of payments and the accumulating of receipts towards a total. And to provide a clear audit trail, Unisolv prefaces each transaction with a dedicated letter that identifies the transaction type: e.g., cash sales are allocated a ‘C’; cash refunds a ‘D’; lay-by sales an ‘L’.

Attention and control around refunds is essential, so Unisolv’s refund screen displays in red to alert cashiers and managers to activities around returning money to customers. For increased security, parameters that link the refund to the original purchase or invoice can be set up, helping ensure that no items are refunded without a proof of purchase. Refunds can be made on cash sales as well as accounts; the system prompts for capturing the refund reason, the refund tender, as well as the exact value returned to the customer for improved control of money movement at the till.

Unisolv is a purpose-built system offering speedy and precise processing of many different types of transactions at the pharmacy point of sales. The system’s flexibility allows pharmacies to offer improved and expanded services, while it helps create a straightforward audit trail for easier reconciliations.

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