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08 May

Point of sale solutions as retail growth enablers

Technology is advancing rapidly, and innovative payment methods and tender types, loyalty programmes and vouchering, and automation in stock-keeping are just some of the newer players in today’s retail environment.

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08 May

Pharmacy clinics now a first choice for health care

South Africa’s newly constituted Pharmacy Advisory Board has positioned strengthening the pharmacy’s role in providing primary healthcare services as a central objective.

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08 May

SA fuel retailers choose our management solutions

A successful service station is one that consistently produces a growing volume of litres dispensed per month, but faulty site equipment can easily hinder that growth.

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02 May

Unisolv is a trusted PoS solution for SA pharmacies

Thanks to a complex private healthcare environment, keeping accurate track of the expenses and income generated by the dispensary and front shop’s very different types of stock and services over time is complicated.

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UCS TS is a leading service provider to retailers across South Africa. With over 25 years of experience in the provision of retail technology solutions, the company supports more than 16,000 retail sites of various sizes. Our core focus is the provision of in-store solutions that work.


UCS Technology Services is a leading service provider of retail technology solutions. Our company supports more than 16 000 retail sites of various sizes. 



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