Business Information Services

The most innovative apps come from BIS

Transforming data into information on demand

Our Business Information Services division is at the forefront of changing the way their customers work, with innovative apps that integrate information technology, people, and business.

Mobile Application Development

This dynamic department is responsible for some of the most innovative applications to go into the retail, healthcare and services industries.

physical experience + digital experience = great customer experience

Big Data

Big data can help transform the performance of an organisation and strengthen customer relationships through the understanding that a 360 ˚view of the business brings.

trends + market shifts = smarter decision making

Internet of Things

Connecting everything in the environment means information as it happens.

interpret + analyse = smart and fast decisions

Retail and Warehouse Mobile Apps

Retail and Warehouse Mobile Apps

Warehouse Mobility DC:

location picking, packing, fine picking, dispatch 

InStore Apps:

Gap scan, RTC, stocktaking, receiving, price lookup, QBusting, Merchandising

Mobile Device Management Solution and Support Services

HelixHealth Services

HelixHealth Services

HelixHealth is a cloud-based application suite offering 360˚ patient management. Includes: HelixRx: digital script printing, HelixDoc: electronic document management and e-scripting, MyHelix: patient app for self-management and HelixClinic offering pharmacy-orientated primary healthcare.  

Mobile Risk Assessment

Mobile Risk Assessment

AgriMobile supports immediate claims assessment and approvals including hail-damaged land, and allows prompt land and crop authentications. All processes, photos, claim forms, assessments and site visits to farm lands are captured in realtime with the customer, making the claims process immediate for our customer.  

Services and Resource Management

Services and Resource Management

This application offers cradle to grave call management, incorporates full stock management with scan in and -out ability, provides electronic proof of delivery, and includes customer screens for comments and surveys. Resonance includes workflow, meaning that best practices have been captured and published in the application for installations and complex problem-solving. 


UCS Technology Services is a leading service provider of retail technology solutions. Our company supports more than 16 000 retail sites of various sizes. 



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