19 Jan

UCS TS aligned to the NRF key retail focus areas for 2018

2017 was an especially mutable year for international retailers, seeing those retailers who adopted a nimble tech strategy, and adapting their business thinking to meet their customer emerging as winners.

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23 Apr

In South African retail, convenience wins customers

Online has established itself as not only disruptive to bricks and mortar retail, but also destructive to certain verticals. With online spend valued at R9bn in 2016, with a 20-25% growth rate predicted for 2017, convenience has literally become the competition.

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14 Nov

Digital solutions create great retail experiences

2016 was coined ‘The Year of the Customer’: never before has the customer had this much power in retail. Customers have as much knowledge as your shop assistants, are researching before they come into the store, or are using a digital channel.

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14 Nov

Retail, more than meets the eye

Retail has always been defined as the process of selling goods or services to customers. Today this this is still true, however the channels that a retailer can use for sales has multiplied.

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BCX is a leading service provider to retailers across South Africa. BCX's retail technology sector has over 25 years’ experience in developing and delivering retail technology solutions and supports over 16 000 retail sites of various sizes. Our core focus is providing and supporting retail solutions that work. BCX is Africa’s largest provider of information and communications technology services.


BCX is a leading service provider of retail technology solutions. BCX's retail technology sector supports more than 16 000 retail sites of various sizes.



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