17 Jan

How pharmacists can add value to patients through providing great clinic services

South African healthcare is a dynamic, multi-faceted environment and our pharmacies are amongst the service providers best qualified and best positioned to provide quality medical care.  Long-time UCS TS client and PCDT pharmacist, Medichem Pellisier’s Wim Grobbelaar runs one of South Africa’s mo

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19 Jun

Unisolv is purpose-built pharmacy solution that supports both the dispensing and the retail front shop

Quick and accurate transacting at the point of sales is appreciated throughout the retail industry and perhaps nowhere as much as by patients in the retail pharmacy in winter.

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13 Jun

Helix Health simplifies dispensing and speeds up admin for the pharmacist

Pharmacies play a key role in the effective treatment and management of patients’ conditions.

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04 Jun

Helix-Rx for high-tech pharmacy customer service

The retail pharmacy at community level is integral to healthcare system as a major distributor and distribution network of medicines and healthcare related products.

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29 May

Stock and management solution for retail pharmacies

Predictable shelf movement, historical trends, and current stock levels are all important factors in ensuring inventory levels in the front shop and the dispensary are always sufficient to meet needs, and keeps the front shop profitable.

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22 May

Attracting customers to your pharmacy front shop

While the pharmacy dispensary often remains at the heart of the business, the fact is that many South Africans also seek out health products to boost their wellbeing.

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15 May

Automate pharmacy processes for improved dispensing

Thousands of patients visit South Africa’s retail pharmacies on a daily basis, with filling prescriptions being the primary driver.

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02 May

Unisolv is a trusted PoS solution for SA pharmacies

Thanks to a complex private healthcare environment, keeping accurate track of the expenses and income generated by the dispensary and front shop’s very different types of stock and services over time is complicated.

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23 Apr

Gauge business health with point of sale systems

As temperatures drop and seasonal illnesses rise so pharmacy traffic increases, as does the need for accurate transaction management, making a point of sale vital to the profitable retail pharmacy.

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17 Apr

Trends in customer experience shaping healthcare

Customer experience is a most visible trend shaping the healthcare industry, and the retail pharmacy is certainly not immune to its power. Pharmacies are rather unique in that they sell health and beauty products and provide healthcare services, which adds to expectations.

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BCX is a leading service provider of retail technology solutions. BCX's retail technology sector supports more than 16 000 retail sites of various sizes.



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