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01 Nov

How To Avoid These 3 Key Fashion Retail Pitfalls With UCS Technology Services

Fashion retail is not for the faint of heart, and even the business owner running an operation like a well-oiled machine can find it hard to keep his or head above water in this increasingly competitive arena.

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13 Sep

4 Ways PoS Solutions Can Help You Dominate Your Retail Segment

Retail in 2017 is not what it used to be.
With the rapid advances of digital technology, the advent of the millennial customer and the growing competition for market share, the modern retailer faces a challenging environment in which every advantage is needed to maintain an edge over the competition.

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25 Jun

What does Unisolv POS provide to better manage the Pharmacy?

Community pharmacists are seeing an increased emphasis on running the pharmacy like a retail business, and including technology like a point of sales to effectively manage stock and transactions. Many pharmacies, however, don’t make the most of the information the POS has to offer.

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12 Jun

Why do SA's leading retailers choose the Dolfin?

Flexibility to adapt to what the customer wants is key to surviving the stormy retail waters of 2017. Delivering on promises is calling increasingly shifting towards the ways in which a customer can buy products.

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04 Jun

Ultisales simple, affordable point of sale solution

Staking an effective claim in independent retailing involves at least some form of advertising and promotion of the store.

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08 May

Point of sale solutions as retail growth enablers

Technology is advancing rapidly, and innovative payment methods and tender types, loyalty programmes and vouchering, and automation in stock-keeping are just some of the newer players in today’s retail environment.

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02 May

Unisolv is a trusted PoS solution for SA pharmacies

Thanks to a complex private healthcare environment, keeping accurate track of the expenses and income generated by the dispensary and front shop’s very different types of stock and services over time is complicated.

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02 May

Point of Sale for profitable fuel retail management

Fuel retailing is a high stock turnover environment requiring good management and hands-on controls to limit losses and help ensure a profitable station.

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23 Apr

Gauge business health with point of sale systems

As temperatures drop and seasonal illnesses rise so pharmacy traffic increases, as does the need for accurate transaction management, making a point of sale vital to the profitable retail pharmacy.

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06 Apr

Survive with retail technology for accurate pricing

Pricing products both competitively and accurately is key to surviving in retail because few retailers can really compete on price alone against the bigger chain retailers.  Implementing pricing strategies based on the actual performance of products across categories and range for your particular

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BCX is a leading service provider to retailers across South Africa. BCX's retail technology sector has over 25 years’ experience in developing and delivering retail technology solutions and supports over 16 000 retail sites of various sizes. Our core focus is providing and supporting retail solutions that work. BCX is Africa’s largest provider of information and communications technology services.


BCX is a leading service provider of retail technology solutions. BCX's retail technology sector supports more than 16 000 retail sites of various sizes.



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